Made To Order


The couture pieces are made-to-order and can also be bought ready to wear from sample sizes.


Making couture clothes only as and when they are ordered. Measurements with no size limitations. From petite to plus size. Offering custom height lengths too. *See our size page for contactless body measurement.* The cut will be for your body and not the unattainable body fast fashion big stores and brands box you into.


It’s a far more ethical and sustainable approach because we have no bad labour conditions, or overproduction. Reducing the risk of excess unwanted stock going to landfill like that in big fast fashion stores and brands. 


Expensive to ensure quality construction and value placed on your couture longevity. House Of KLynn promotes quality and the love for one well-made piece that can become an heirloom. In a world where individual style is harder to come by, the one-on-one personal experience that made-to-measure clothing can offer puts us back in touch with the way clothes are made, and encourages us to cherish them as deliberate fashion.  


We understand that having to wait weeks for a garment isn’t as convenient as next-day-delivery, but that is luxury couture! Put yourself at ease knowing with your order you’re consciously and intentionally being the change needed towards more responsible fashion. Well worth the wait. 

Made to order, Final Sale

Please allow 4-6 Weeks to ship